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So many houses here in Walthamstow have beautiful wooden floors hidden away under carpets and lino. Lets uncover them together and give them the care, attention and finish they deserve. Maybe you already have your floor boards exposed and you want to freshen them up and protect them against wear and tear, no problem.

Your local handyman is ready to get your floor in tip top condition.



There is something so satisfying with a newly restored wooden floor. Whether you opt for a glossy varnish or a matt finish a freshly renovated floor truly catches the eye of anyone entering the room.

As with any of the services we offer here at Handyman Walthamstow our floor sanding and varnishing is conducted with the utmost care and attention.  Gaps can be filled with a resin and sawdust mix that will help seal out any drafts coming up through the floor. We also guarantee to clear up all left over dust from the job and will use solvent free varnish so that there will be no lasting fumes.

Whether you have a parquet floor, original floor boards or newer fitted pine floor, your floor will be left in the condition it deserves.

Wooden Floor Being Varnished


Handyman Walthamstow pride themselves on consistency and quality of work.

Choose how you want your newly sanded wooden floor finished…


Varnished Wooden Floor

Or stained…

Dark Stained Wooden Floor

Or possibly even painted white.

White Painted Wooden Floor