How to Make a Lego Wooden Train

Wooden propeller lego train

This morning my son said to me, “why can’t my Lego fit on my train track”? He wouldn’t settle for “it just can’t it’s Lego”.

So I checked online and as far as I could see they don’t sell Lego wooden trains that will fit the standard wooden or Brio train track. He had a few old trains lying around that never get played with so I decided to edit them and make a combo.

I’m pretty sure there must be more people out there that have come across this “serious” issue so I’ve decided to share with you how I did it.

The original trains.

Old Wooden Trains

The tools needed. A counter sink, a 5mm drill bit, a screw driver, a drill, a chisel and a hammer.

Tools Needed For The Job

Step 1: Chisel the top off the wooden train.

Chiseling the top off a wooden train
Broken wooden trains

Step 2: Find a piece of Lego that will fit nicely on the top of the train base and drill 2 holes on each end. Drill the piece upside down through the round bit to make sure it’s centred.

Drilling through Lego

Step 3: Countersink the holes just a little to allow for screw heads and then chip away any excess plastic.

Countersink holes in lego

Step 4: Screw the Lego to the wooden train base making sure that the head is flush with the Lego base.

Lego screwed to wooden train base

Step 5: Avoid any more questions and have a cup of tea whilst he’s playing with them.

Child playing with Lego wooden trains
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