How to Make a Lego Wooden Train

This morning my son said to me, “why can’t my Lego fit on my train track”? He wouldn’t settle for “it just can’t it’s Lego”.

So I checked online and as far as I could see they don’t sell Lego wooden trains that will fit the standard wooden or Brio train track. He had a few old trains lying around that never get played with so I decided to edit them and make a combo.

I’m pretty sure there must be more people out there that have come across this “serious” issue so I’ve decided to share with you how I did it.

The original trains.

Old Wooden Trains

The tools needed. A counter sink, a 5mm drill bit, a screw driver, a drill, a chisel and a hammer.

Tools Needed For The Job

Step 1: Chisel the top off the wooden train.

Chiseling the top off a wooden train
Broken wooden trains

Step 2: Find a piece of Lego that will fit nicely on the top of the train base and drill 2 holes on each end. Drill the piece upside down through the round bit to make sure it’s centred.

Drilling through Lego

Step 3: Countersink the holes just a little to allow for screw heads and then chip away any excess plastic.

Countersink holes in lego

Step 4: Screw the Lego to the wooden train base making sure that the head is flush with the Lego base.

Lego screwed to wooden train base

Step 5: Avoid any more questions and have a cup of tea whilst he’s playing with them.

Child playing with Lego wooden trains
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