A Wall of Shelves

A wall of shelves was needed by this household to accommodate their many books, the TV and to contain a few more bits in some cupboards below. All this needed to be achieved whilst being space saving and to make as much use of a single wall as possible. This particular time the [...]

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Hallway Shoe Rack

This shoe rack was made to clean up this vast array of shoes that was previously on some random unfitted shoe racks. Having the rack fitted and painted looks much more part of the house and helped keep the hallway nice and tidy.

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Open wardrobe and shelves

This open wardrobe was designed to provide extra storage space with very limited space available. The client didn't want any opening doors due to there only being enough room to squeeze past in front of the bed. The 4 chests of drawers were already there so we just needed to arrange something to [...]

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Under Stair Cupboard

This under stair cupboard was built to contain all the coats, shoes, hoover and clutter. It was designed so that the we could build in some Ikea shoe boxes that were already being used and to accomodate aload of hooks and one shelf. The door was made onsite to fit the job [...]

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